How Open made the right
acquisition in a few weeks

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Data accuracy


“Excellent relation (...) has presented us with a perfect target and after a few weeks of discussion we have concluded the acquisition”

The challenge

With 4,000 employees and a turnover of €390 million in 2022, Open is positioned as the Trusted Partner of large public and private companies, committed to their IT and digital transformation. Its mission is to advise its clients in their transformation trajectory, to design, create and operate agile, resilient and secure information systems and to provide innovative software solutions in Saas mode, based on its three activities: Digital Consulting, Digital & IT Services, Digital Solutions.

Open had a clear external growth strategy, and was struggling to find target companies with a real technological expertise, which would bring the most added value.

The solution

Guy Mamou-Mani, President of Open Group, shared with our team their specific research criteria. We not only collected basic criteria like the size, location and activity, but were also able to truly understand the technological expertise needed.

“Our strategy includes
the targeted acquisition
of a medium business,
with a strategic value”

This research is possible thanks to the way our AI sources companies : with language processing, and a precise understanding of the company activity.

“This process enabled us
to find a very interesting company,
which was exactly matching the scope”

After having identified the relevant company, Collaboration Capital contacted the CEO, to have his feedback on the operation.
After the positive feedback was collected, Guy connected directly with the CEO.

“The technological expertise in cloud was for us immensely strategic, as we had signed a lot of contracts in that sector and that our needs are exponential”

Thanks to that acquisition, Open reinforced their expertise in Cloud, and was able to accelerate their commercial development.

“I have really appreciated the relation with Collaboration Capital”


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