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Identify all the opportunities for a successful company acquisition and have a 360° view of your market

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Identifying target
companies is time-consuming


Financial databases and manual
searches provide incomplete results,
not all companies publish their accounts


The companies contacted do not
all respond to the operation proposal


Language is a barrier in
international operations


Research results are not
and fully leveraged
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 Investment bank
Collaboration Capital

Artificial Intelligence automates companies identification
and speeds up the process
Thanks to semantic analysis, all targets are identified
through their online presence, through natural languagel
90% of target companies share their
status on the proposed M&A operation
Multilingual target contact for best results
All the information enriches your Pipeline,
is shared with relevant partners and valued
for later use in your M&A platform


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90% of target companies share with us their feedback on the Mergers & Acquisitions operation

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10 to 40% of the companies contacted are interested in the Mergers & Acquisitions operation

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90% of them are not already in contact with a potential buyer: the opportunity is off the market and  you are the first to have the information


1. AI target identification

You share the key criteria of your external growth project

We collect information from you on the activity, location and size of the target companies that interest you.

If possible, you also share relevant companies that you already know.

With this information, we create the research for the acquisition operation and we automatically analyze the positioning of relevant companies already known to identify similar targets.

We source target companies using Artificial Intelligence

Thanks to your criteria, we create the semantic cluster that matches your acquisition project, and which details the entire syntactic universe used by your online targets.We thus formalize in an exhaustive manner the specificities of the activity sought, the type of company, the differences between the competitors, and we search on the web for all the companies adapted to the cluster.

Thus, to carry out your project, we are not limited either by the administrative classifications of sectors of activity, which can be imprecise, or by the financial databases, which only present the companies which publish their accounts.

The companies identified can be companies in difficulty, in restructuring, liquidation, or profitable and growing; subsidiaries of large groups, conglomerates or independent companies; SMEs or companies of all sizes. The acquisition of capital can be partial, a majority operation, or total.

2. Telephone qualification of validated targets

For each target identified and validated by our client, we seek and identify the manager of the company, as well as his close decision-making entourage, in order to prepare the most suitable method of connection. 

Our experience in corporate finance and corporate finance operations allows us to create points of support with the potential target, to prepare and organize the connection with the manager, via the presentation of our activity in strategic partnerships, while maintaining the anonymity of our client. 

The sell-side company shares with us the elements you want about the organization, and we also describe your project: takeover, external growth, horizontal or vertical integration, diversification, international development, etc. 

Thus, you know the target company even before contacting the seller: you know the motivation for the transaction (retirement for example), the level of equity and financial data, and the strategy of the manager.

The qualification of information obtained from members close to the manager allows us a direct, trusting and well-constructed relationship to organize the telephone exchange and thus know his position on the opportunity presented. 

In this way, the seller approaches the merger project with confidence to discuss the sale of his business, and prepares for the takeover.

We thus combine the benefit of the technological approach by AI and human expertise through the involvement of your dedicated analyst.

3. Connecting you with the sell-side targets

You continue the exchange directly with the interested counterparts.

The use of the platform does not constitute an exclusive mandate: you involve your advisor to carry out the necessary steps for the operation, and if you wish, we put you in touch with the partners of our network adapted to your needs: investment banks, law firms, investment funds, consultants, or accountants.

These partners support you on the desired points: synergy studies, market study, financial evaluation and valuation, negotiation of the purchase price, sending of the letter of intent (LOI), cash flow analysis, preparation of the debt, financial arrangement, taxation and financing of the acquisition (LBO, creation of a holding company, confirmation of your contribution), forecast of the capital gain, legal mission and recommendation of conditions precedent, audit of acquisition, due diligence, liability guarantee, service transactions, preparation of the pact and deeds of sale, etc.

As you are in 90% of cases the first to discuss the acquisition of the company, you benefit from a better position to discuss the sale price and determine the memorandum of understanding.

Our mission is complete, you have all the information collected from the target companies to successfully complete your acquisition, and have a 360° view of your market.

How Lindab acquired a company
and boosted productivity by 10



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Any organization looking for target companies should use Collaboration Capital

Tips for a successful business
acquisition project

In addition to your organic growth, or internal growth, the acquisition of a company allows you to accelerate your development by directly accessing skills, market shares, new customers, etc. This whether you are a startup, medium company, or large company.

To give your external growth project every chance of success, we recommend to :
  • Determine your knowledge of the market objectively.Are you sure you know all the relevant target companies, or are there as yet unidentified external growth opportunities, for example in specific geographies or business sectors?
  • Assess your need based on your development strategy:
confirm whether you wish to discover new companies to acquire, enrich your data on companies already known, obtain contact information to speak to the targets yourself, benefit directly from being put in contact with the sellers, be accompanied throughout from the operation until the signing of the deed of acquisition of the company’s shares, have a dedicated tool such as your digital business bank to capitalize on your research and enrich your future development projects, etc.
  • Contact businesses in their native language.For international operations, contacting managers in their native language allows for much better rates of return and interest in discussing the merger project. This first contact is essential to share your business acquisition project with the seller and establish a relationship of trust.
  • Capitalize on your feedback
Through the acquisition process, you considerably develop your knowledge of the market. You discover new companies, new business models, and get positive and negative feedback from potential sellers: some are interested in selling later, for example. All this information deserves to be exploited, so that you can reap the benefits when the time comes by contacting the relevant companies again, when the indicated duration has passed, the shareholder has changed, etc.

Through your digital investment bank Collaboration Capital, all the work related to external growth is digitized, accelerated, and valued for the future.
The faster you respond to business leaders wishing to discuss a merger, the more likely you are to get quality feedback.

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