Workbook Project



Company Name : Vygon


Company Presentation:

Vygon designs, produces and markets high-tech, single use medical devices. These products, meant for healthcare professionals (hospital and private practitioners), are adapted to their needs and allow them to ensure the best care for the patient in optimal safety conditions.

Vygon products are designed by the Vygon’s engineers and technicians, and manufactured mainly in one of its ten manufacturing units, in compliance with ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 and with the environmental standard 1400.


Theme of the project:

Assistance and securisation for the identification of the right place for a puncture, which is necessary for the injection of a liquid or for taking a liquid or solid sample, in any part of the body of the patient.


Description of the objective:

To ensure the correct location of a puncture in order to introduce or to collect in the right place. The objective is to provide an innovation which assists the operator in the reliability of the puncture place, without using simultaneously an ultrasound scan as currently often practiced.

The aim is to provide assistance via a technique which is able to give information about the environment around the needle.

This innovation would simplify and make reliable the puncture technique which is currently constrained by the need to use the second hand of the operator to maintain the probe of the ultrasound system.

The objective is to integrate a greater reliability in the localization of the puncture, because the stakes are often very important (for instance during a lumbar puncture) and an error of the precise place can cause serious consequences for the patient.

Very regularly, the operator is assisted by an ultrasound scan to do a reliable puncture procedure as in the case of the setup of catheters, a perfusion, or a puncture.

See illustration below:


The limits of the current process are very many:

The two hands of the operator are mobilized and his glance is shared between the screen (to view the result of the ultrasound scan) and the location of the puncture, – A catheter setup for example, or a manipulation of a third object complicates the security of the activity.

The objective is to get rid of the ultrasound and to provide a GPS form of the anatomy of the aimed area by the puncture and so providing visual information about: – Area – And ideally the path of the perforation.

Finally, it’s about providing a personalized assistance related to the anatomy of the patient to the operator, so as to identify and secure the area of the puncture, but also the possibility to follow the path of the needle, allowing to reduce the impact of the patient’s position on the perforation’s path.


Suggested additional idea:

We can imagine an eye at the end of the needle which is able to project an image, a visualization of the environment target of the puncture, or series of beam which is able to generate this type of visualizations.


The expected components of the application:

  • A presentation of the candidate, his training and his experience
  • A detailed presentation of the suggested innovation and its principal functional
  • A reasonable cost forecast through the industrialization of the product
  • A status of the progress of its proposal/ innovation and eventually the remaining steps and deadline if the project is not completed
  • An innovative solution that increases the reliability, the precision of the perforation and for a broad spectrum uses: vein, artery, pleura, tumor sample, cerebrospinal fluid)


The objective of the collaboration:

  • Commercial collaboration


The provisional planning of the course of collaboration:

  • Communication to potential candidates: 02 04 2018
  • Deadline for receipt of applications: 31 05 2018
  • Selection of applications: 10 06 2018
  • Estimated date of exchanges: 30 06 2018



For further information, feel free to contact: [email protected]