Workbook Corporate


Company: TLD Group
Name of projectPredictive Maintenance modules

Presentation of the company:

TLD is the world leader in GSE (Ground Support Equipment) with about 15 product lines, 40 offices around the world and delivering in the past 2 years to 688 customers in 134 countries in the world.

Context of the project:

As part of our innovation process, we’ve developed an IoT tool to remotely collect data from our machines (the TLD LINK) and store them on cloud servers. Those data are collected from the CAN Bus, and covers all operational data (Date, Time, Speed, Location) and performance data (all data related to Engines, Pumps, Gearboxes and all sensors located on the machine)

The aim of our system is ultimately to improve our understanding our machines performance and usage, and to adapt our maintenance plan, mainly with the development of a Predictive Maintenance modules, based on analystics

The aim of the project:

We are looking for a system, tools and/or algorythms that will allow us, via big data analysis, to develop predictive maintenance module in order to anticipate failures, optimize our maintenance schedule and communicate beforehand to our customers.


For further information, feel free to contact: Edouard Dhenain, [email protected]