Workbook Projet


Identity of the Company

Saint-Gobain Abrasives S.A Construction Products (SGA CP)

Creation date : 1953
Adress : 190 bd Kennedy
Postal Code : L4930
Town : Bascharage
Country : Luxembourg

Saint Gobain Abrasives Group employs more than 11,000 people.
Worldwide presence, Luxembourg, China, Japan, Morocco, Brazil.



World leader in the manufacture of abrasive solutions innovative and competitive in the field of building materials.A recognized reference in the industrial world for all cutting, shaping and finishing operations on all types of materials.

Keywords related to the activity: diamond tools for cutting, drilling, rectification, grinding of construction material. Machine tools: masonry saw, tile saw, floor saw etc.

Targets: Construction professionals, DIY

Countries served : the world

Name of the open innovation challenge : Noise reduction generated by material cutting machines in an outdoor environment.

The diamond tools and machines that we put on the market are used to cut, grind, and drill construction materials such as concrete, asphalt, granite, red brick, reinforced concrete, tile, ceramic, refractory etc.


Description of the current context:

Operators and people around the cutting machine complain about the noise generated by the machine and the diamond tool, on the building sites. The solutions currently used to reduce the noise generated :Realization of a patent on a diamond disc “Silencio” with a steel sandwich center and special notches to position it as the quietest disc on the market. With a noise reduction of more than 30%.


Concerning the machine, as well as masonry saw, floor saw, tile saw none has noise reducer.



To apply, contact the project leader Mrs. Ravaka
Email : [email protected]