Company : Market Maker Group

Project : Integration of innovative products


Presentation of the company:

Offices in France (Dardilly), Hong-Kong, Shenzen, Shanghai, Dongguan.
Turnover (2016): 130 million euros.

Market Maker was originally an actor specialized in sales promotion, and especially in what is called direct marketing. The goal was to find new ideas and products which would increase the sales of the customers, and to offer a free gift to the final consumer for the purchase of a product.

Over the years, this activity has evolved.


Context of the project :

Market Maker has now become a group active in the distribution of new products, in four sectors: multimedia, gifts, house, and urban mobility. With subsidiaries in Europe, a technical expertise and offices in Hong-Kong and China, the group has become a reliable partner for many large retailers (both physical and online).

Distribution channels : E-commerce (marketplace, internet), retailer, catalogue.

Thanks to the presence in Asia, Market Maker is able to have a very high-quality service, to meet the customers’ expectations, and to ensure compliance with the standards.   With this global presence, Market Maker can inform the suppliers about the needs of the European market, and the necessity to go upmarket.

In the factories, every order needs the backing of the local team, who writes an inspection report and then emit an inspection certification.


Project objectives :

To find startups and companies with innovative products for gifts, to the the final consumers (B2C).

Here are a few examples of innovative products:

  • Stationery (pens, paper…)
  • Clothes (T-Shirts)
  • Mugs and glasses
  • Watches, bags
  • Electronic equipment (USB keys…)
  • Earphones, headphones
  • Key rings.

Market Maker could help in the distribution and the commercialisation of the product.


 Important elements for the proposition :

  • Product maturity
  • Current volume produced and commercialized
  • The available capacity to produce more
  • Informations on the compliance with the standards
  • The intellectual property of the product
  • Customers references
  • Production processes of the product.