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Company: Knauf Industries
Name of the Project:  Alternative steaming system for expanded Polypropylene


Company Presentation:

Knauf Industries, a division of the Knauf Group, is globally recognized as a preferred partner for major sectors of the industry such as agri-food, electrical appliances, automotive, industry, housing and health. Knauf Industries is a specialist in the packaging and production of technical parts, and is a market leader in molded plastics (EPS, PPE, etc.), plastic injection molding and thermoforming.

Present on all continents, with 36 production units and nearly 1,400 employees, Knauf Industry have a particularly efficient R & D center at the service of innovation.

The  KNAUF Group

  • 18 500 collaborators
  • 5 billion turnover
  • An establishment in 35 countries
  • 1st European producer of plaster
  • 3rd producer of mineral wool
  • 1st world processor of expanded polystyrene
  • 3 activities: Building (dry construction) Insulations, Plastics

Our speciality: Shaping plastics

Our mission: To create added value

The ambition of Knauf Industries is to remain an innovative and reliable leader. Faithful to the Group’s deep values, Knauf Industries supports the success of its partner clients daily.


Context of the project:

Knauf Industries manufactures container made of PP (polypropylene) for the packaging of food products.

Knauf Industries wishes to innovate and offer packaging in biodegradable PP – according to the EN 13432 standard -which could fulfill the same functions of use:

  • Suitable for the contact with food
  • Able to improve the expiration date of the food inside
  • Sealable


The aim of the project:


The aim of the project is to offer to the customers a new range of products in biodegradable PP based on innovative materials or technical solutions making the PP biodegradable, and able to fulfill the same functions of packaging food products as those currently used and able to meet the requirements mentioned above.

More specifically, it involves integrating an additive or innovative substance capable of rendering the polypropylene biodegradable, while respecting the current manufacturing process, namely extraction of plastic material for the manufacturing of films, and then thermoforming the film for making the container.


Important elements to be included in the proposal:

The proposal should include:

  • A detailed description of component/materials allowing the biodegradable property
  • the main new requirement (s) or practice (s) required to handle these specific components or materials
  • A description of the advancement status of the proposed innovative solution
  • A history of the experiments and contexts of tests already carried out.


The provisional planning of the collaborative course:

  • Communication to innovative organizations : 16 07 2018
  • Deadline for receipt of applications :14 09 2018
  • Selection of applications: 21 09 2018
  • Date of meeting : 28 09 2018
  • Date of communication of the selected candidates for a second interview : 12 10 2018


Presentation of the Innovation Committee

Name Firstname Function
Sutter Patrick  Innovation Director
Corbier Alain Thermoforming & Injection Products Manager



For further information, feel free to contact: Edouard Dhenain, [email protected]