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Company: Groupe Rocher

Nom du projetFinding the packaging of the Future with Groupe Rocher values

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Company presentation:

Groupe Rocher is a family-run French group with strong local connections and a focus on the future.

This international family-run Group is truly committed. For three generations, Groupe Rocher has been driven by a clear ambition: to make beauty and wellbeing accessible to all women.

First as a pioneer, then as an essential protagonist in its sector, Yves Rocher has developed and implemented its sustainable growth model in all its 9 Brands.

It was in La Gacilly, in Brittany, that Yves Rocher’s passion for the plant world was born. Pioneering Botanist, he developed his plant-based beauty products. He invented a new form of beauty, with the highest respect for Women and Nature. He chose his village to create and develop his company in 1959.

As a Botanist, Harvester, Manufacturer and Retailer, the Yves Rocher Brand is the only global cosmetics Brand to control the entire life cycle of its products. This specificity allows the Yves Rocher Brand to lower environmental impact and offer every woman quality products at an accessible price.


Project’s context: the plactic bag

The current packing is a plastic bag dedicated to protect the promotional items (gifts and accessorizes), made in PP or PE at least 30 microns.

There are two main uses for these plastic bags : primary packing and secondary packing (cf below)

Primary packing (= individual packing)

At this moment, it is a transparent and 2 colors printed plastic bag, sealed with a self-adhesive band.

The gift is sent into this plastic protection to the final customer.

Secondary packing (= master polybag)

At this moment, it is a 1 color printed plastic bag.
Several gifts are gathered in this master polybag and sent to the Yves Rocher shops.

Yves Rocher ambition:

Make the Yves Rocher gift and accessory one of the vector of Brand difference, while maintaining economic performance and respecting Groupe Rocher values.

Important: the gifts could be produced in China, that’s why these innovative packings must be available in China.


The project target: to develop/find out gifts packings more sustainable


 To match with its values, Groupe Rocher would like to use for its gifts an innovative and sustainable   packing (primary and secondary) to replace the current plastic bag.

This more sustainable packing should match with all Groupe Rocher requirements (functional, qualitative, industrial capabilities, economic, place of production etc…).

This more sustainable packing should not be necessarily transparent.

You will   be able  to apply for and to access additional information on the prerequisites here- as soon as you sign the NDA  and send back it and the pitchbook  to Miss Ravaka.
Email: [email protected]


Important elements for the proposition :

  • Functional requirements
  • Industrialisation conditions
  • Production localisation
  • TCO (total cost of ownership)
  • Requested Environnemental conditions the proposed solution from its production to its destruction