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Company: Group Legendre
Name of project: Glaz Arena, first arena sports-shows 100% private
Problematic: Implementing innovations and services to transcend the spectator experience

Presentation of the company:

An independent family business created in 1946, the Legendre Group has become a key player in the construction, real estate and energy sectors of tomorrow. Fostering innovation and a long-term vision, the Legendre Group diversifies its activities and extends its geographical reach in the West of France on a national and international scale.

Construction has been Groupe Legendre’s core business for 70 years. Today, the Legendre Group’s construction activity adapts its offer to the multiple needs of its customers by offering tailor-made projects, acting in design-realization and sometimes even in operation. As a developer with almost 25 years’ experience, Legendre Real Estate Estate has mastered the entire property chain and is now a preferred partner in urban transformation.

Legendre Energy is committed to a clean economy through the optimisation of the energy potential of our natural resources. Legendre Energy focuses on proximity, the performance of the energy mix and the cooperation of all stakeholders in this new green economy.

Context of the project:

Faithful to its entrepreneurial spirit and armed with a know-how expert designer-builder-operator, the Legendre Group launched an unprecedented 100% private sports and entertainment arena project in Rennes, a stronghold of the group, with a capacity of 4500 seats and backed by its own parking.

The model that prevails today for arenas is as follows: public authorities order a work from a builder and then delegate, through DSP contracts or partnerships, its operation to a private or parapublic operator for a number of years.

The innovation that Groupe Legendre offers with this project lies in its 100% private model. Indeed, being able to rely on its various subsidiaries covering the entire real estate value chain, the group has made a strong commitment to acquire land, to design a structure, to carry out the work, and to ensure the technical and the commercial exploitation, both on the show-culture aspect and on the sports aspect.

Moreover, the metropolis of Rennes has now a handball club, the Cesson-Rennes Handball, playing in the LNH (French D1 championship), but it does not have an enclosure up to its high ambitions, whether by the size or by the adequacy of the club’s needs with the existing equipment. While preserving the building ambitions related to the show-culture activity, the group has created an equipment adapted to the handball club CRMHB, which will be the main user of the enclosure as a permanent tenant (offices) and equipment user for its matches and practices.

The challenge now for the Legendre Group is to maximize the commercial exploitation of this equipment in order to make the investment profitable (purchase of land + cost of construction). To do this, we will be able to count on the fixed rent paid by the handball club and by the rentals ‘spots’ for shows which will depend on our commercial efficiency.

In this context we believe that innovation can be a decisive asset in addressing this issue. We believe that all the services that will be able to transcend, during the different events, the “mainstream” spectator experience within the precincts, will translate into positive commercial impact.

The ambition of this first project in Rennes is to test the model in order to consider a deployment elsewhere in France.

The aim of the project:

The objective is to improve, during the different types of events, the user experience of the “general public” in the enclosure.

Whether it is the spectator’s physical experience (from the car park / bus stop to the head office), as well as his digital experience (from the reservation of a place to his return home, through the interactivity with the sportsmen / artists).

All ideas likely to provide services to the spectators, and thereby to allow the Glaz Arena to differentiate on the chessboard of the Breton Spectacles, are potentially relevant.

As you can see, we are primarily looking for actors offering services (even very simple) to our audience.

The compensation model will be studied. It can be of two orders, cumulative or not:

  • Based on the flow of spectators (BtoC)
  • Based on billing from our operating company (BtoB)

Although this is not the primary objective of this research, we are also open to actors who would be able to bring VA to our operating company (to optimize the performance of its business) without providing services to the general public.

List of criteria selection:

  • Added value for users
  • Ease use for users
  • Reliability of the solution
  • Integration into the operating ecosystem

Provisional planning:

  • Communication to innovative organization : 23/07/2018
  • Deadline for receipt of applications: End September 2018
  • Selection of applications: 1st week of October 2018
  • Meeting date : beginning of the second week of october 2018
  • Date of communication of the selected candidates for a second interview : end of the second week of October 2018

Presentation of the Innovation Committee:

Name Firstname Function
ROULLOIS Romain Business Developer
LAPERCHE Isabelle Operations manager
HURAULT Didier Director of development
DE ARAUJO David Work supervisor


For further information, feel free to contact: Edouard Dhenain, [email protected]