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Company : Bic
Name of the Project : Education
Website :

Presentation of the company:

BIC® products bring simple answers to everyday needs. By creating its first product, the BIC® Cristal® ball-point pen, BIC chose to get to the point: to produce a simple and reliable tool in order to facilitate a universal move, and which everybody can uses. This choice is at the heart of every evolutions of the brand.

The development of the group has always went with the evolutions of the consumers’ expectations. Whenever BIC identifies a specific need, its Research and Development teams answer with an astute improvement which optimizes performance.

To write in several colours, underline, draw, colour, correct, light a flame, or shave… With BIC® products, everyone is certain that he will find the best solution to the best price, with an assurance of quality and reliablility. BIC® also chose to be close to the consumers all over the world, with more than 4 million points of sale, from the kiosk to the hypermarket.

  • 14,934 employees
  • 2 billion euros net sales in 2017
  • Head office: Ile-de-France, France, factories in India, Brazil, the USA…

Project Background: Learning and Education

BIC maintains a permanent innovation in its various markets by identifying new uses, concepts or technologies, on solutions: education and learning

The objective of the project: To develop a range of products and / or offers on the theme of learning and education for children.

The aim is to identify innovations in the field of education in all its forms, for the children

Here are some examples of potential innovations:

  • Everything related to the schooling of children: mobile applications, platforms and websites to learn and review, or exchange between students, with teachers…

These elements can also take a physical form, through tablets, books, etc.:

  • Content creation: MOOCs, training videos on specific topics.
  • Innovative paper devices to help children to learn.

Relevant companies could then:

  • Sell their product to BIC and become its supplier
  • Create a partnership with BIC (technology, co-development)
  • Receive an investment from BIC.

If you are interested, please send an email to : [email protected]

Presentation of the team:

Name Firstname Function
Albenge Olivier Open Innovation Manager
D’Halluin Victor Innovation and UX Lead