Vallourec would like to identify, select and work
with innovative start-ups, labs and companies
to make pipes “intelligent”


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“Intelligent” pipes are connected pipes able to capture and provide data during their life duration.
The development of performing low cost sensors, of low throughput wireless communication technologies, of energy harvesters, of smart coatings are just some of the new technologies
that pave the way for new opportunities in the domain of intelligent pipes.
In parallel, customers are looking for innovative solutions
to optimize the profitability of their projects and/or increase the integrity.

In this context, Vallourec would like to identify solutions, select and work with
innovative start-ups, laboratories or companies to make its pipes more “intelligent”.


Flow rate

Propose solutions and / or technologies
to capture and convey data on
the flow rate of the fluid inside the pipes

Physical and chemical data of the fluids

Propose solutions and/or technologies
to capture and convey data on
the temperature, the pressure, the chemical composition (*) of the fluids inside and/or outside the pipe

(*) H2S severity rate, CO2, pH

Evolution of pipe parameters during pipe life time

Propose solutions and/or technologies
to capture and convey data on
the wall thickness, the outside diameter, the failure detection of the pipe during its lifetime

Solutions related to the above use cases with be considered and treated in priority. However, all solutions related to the global thematic of “intelligent pipes” will be taken into consideration.

General specifications

• Information and data must be delivered on a daily frequency
• All devices must be adapted to the pressure, temperature, corrosion, ATEX conditions of their environment
(see § application specificities)
• Cost is a major criteria both of the solution and of its implementation on the pipes and on site.
• A few prototypes shall be fabricated for tests (capture, measure, data transmission) in a representative environment within one year.
• Autonomy: > 3 years. Any Energy Harvesting solution is welcome.

Application specificities

Although make pipes intelligent is of value in all businesses served by Vallourec tubes and pipes, the Open Innovation Challenge is limited to the following 4 pipe applications:

• OCTG tubings and casings in Oil & Gas wells
• Offshore Line pipes
• Onshore Line pipes
• Tubes and pipes in Power plants

The proposed solution and/or technology must withstand the specific environment conditions of the application it is designed for.

Read here the specific environment conditions and requirements of each of these 4 applications.


September 5th

November 3rd

November 13th

December 1st

Launch of the
innovation program

Communication to startups, laboratories and companies.

Closure of the
application period

Vallourec will then select the start-ups
allowed to pitch their project.

Final pitch of the preselected
start-ups / labs / companies

The selected start-ups, labs and/or companies will present themselves and their solutions, so that Vallourec can assess their relevance and select the best ones.

Organization of further

The fourth stage will be devoted to the organization of collaborative workshops, through which Vallourec and each start-up/ lab/company will determine precisely their collaboration.

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